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Car rental: pick up at the airport

Advantages of picking up your rental car at the airport:

1. Easy pick up

The first advantage is an easy pick up for clients who arrive at the airport, also it saves money on the ride from the airport to the city. One thing to consider is the duration of your flight. Some people may feel a bit tired after a long flight and, in that case, it may be dangerous to drive — this is even more critical if you’re going to a place you don’t know well.

2. Safety

Renting a car at the airport is much safer than relying on public transportation or shuttle services to get to the city. Using a rented car means you’re in control of the car, the directions and roads you’re taking.

3. Bigger fleets

In general, rental companies have bigger fleets available at airports, which means that the odds are in your favor when the demand is high. To guarantee your rental car for busy times, our tip is to always book in advance.

So when you are visiting Beirut the next time, follow the below steps for bet rent a car experiences:

  • Contact Aziz Rent a Car
  • Book the best car that suits your needs
  • Pick the car at the airport
  • Enjoy your stay in Beirut!

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